2017 in review | Everything that happened at AMARO


here we come to the end of another year! It was a period filled with work, challenges, achievements and, especially, the latest trends delivered with rapidity and style to you! Learn more about what happened at #mundoamaro in 2017: 




This was the year with the biggest offer of products in AMARO's history: there were 14 collections, around 3.000 styles and almost 5.500 variants. The investment in premium materials was also an important feature, since we launched items made with natural fibers - such as cotton, linen and silk - in every collection. We've also launched our first 100% leather piece, which has already become a best-seller, the JAQUETA DE COURO ESSENTIAL



We opened more Guide Shops in 2017! There are seven new locations, with a total of thirteen spread across São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. We've also opened our first street Guide Shop, at Oscar Freire street, in São Paulo, and marked our presence in the south of Brazil with the Guide Shop Pátio Batel, in Curitiba. We were also the winners in the Innovation in Store Format category at the Prêmio Lide do Varejo, in march. 



In 2017, AMARO was the cover of a magazine! We stared the cover and filling of the September issue of L'Officiel Brazil, one of the most prestigious magazines of the area.
And that wasn't all: we were the news subject at VejaSP, Globo News, Record and SBT. There was also our Imagina Juntas campaign, in partnership with Glamour magazine, that had profits donated to the NGO Apolônias do Bem. We had photoshoots in places like Los Angeles, Paris and London and three new editions of #AMAROGoesTo, in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. We have also started a series of amazing collaborations at #AMAROlive with Luiza Zaidan, Vic Ceridono, Joanna Moura and Anna Laura Wolff, in addition to dressing personalities such as Camila Coutinho, Isabella Fiorentino, Pabllo Vittar, Claudia Leite and Anitta, among others... 


technology & data


Technology, that's our second name! Two thousand and seventeen was a year of expansion and development of innovative tools in retail and investment in a strong engineering and data team. The result was the development and launch of our app for iOS and Android, the reconstruction of our website from scratch, the opening of our online stores in marketplaces (Dafiti and Zattini), the in-store pick up functionality at our Guide Shops and the construction of a sophisticated infrastructure of business intelligence for support in decision-making strategies.


customer happiness

This year, AMARO won the prize for best e-commerce professional in the operations category, at the Prêmio E-Commerce Brasil. We've also won the bronze medal for best e-commerce packaging at the Prêmio ABRE! Finally, we launched the AMARO Insider loyalty program that offers a series of advantages to our most loyal customers.


manufacturing & logistics

Logistics doubled in size in terms of number of orders sent. In the production area, we implemented a series of new technologies to increase efficiency and quality. Among them, the electronic machine from the french brand Lectra, that automates the cut process. We have also implemented the Lean Manufacturing system, which optimizes the use of machines and materials for a more economic and efficient production. Besides that, we increased the number of contributors and the number of pieces produced.



The #AMAROteam didn't stop growing! We hired more than 200 people and reached the number of more than 300 employees! We began to use the OKRs process, a goals' model that establishes quarterly objectives for each employee. We also have English classes offered by the company, the program Bolsa AMARO, that supports development courses to the team, and the introduction of a structured career plan. We've also implemented the Leadership Training for all our managers, and the AMARO Empower, the one week training offered to all new members. In terms of facilities, we are investing even more in sustainable actions - we've changed all printing in white paper for recycled one and launched the eco-friendly version of our packaging. And the big news for 2018: we will move to new headquarters in São Paulo!