The OKRs' methodology of the #AMAROteam

Learn more about how the objectives alignment process with our contributors is done

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Objectives and Key Results, or simply OKR, is a goals model created at Intel that looks for an alignment dynamic of company's and employees' objectives.  

Implemented in big companies such as Google, Twitter, GoPro and LinkedIn, the OKR model showed to be an effective methodology model stablishing quarterly objectives for each contributor and defining metrics to measure the results.

The OKRs work as a guide line and engage everyone in a simple manner, with clear and well defined objectives. Driven by challenges, AMARO establishes the OKRs with achievable, but ambitious goals.

Besides that, our evaluation cycle, in addition to contemplating the achievement of the OKRs, also includes three evaluations: from the employee, the manager and a third adjustment with the Talent team. Together, they can lead to promotion or to Structured Development Training (SDT), training for the next step in the company.