Discover AMARO's new gift packaging


Only those who have already received a gift wrapped AMARO product understand the expectation of online shopping. It is like feeling gifted, even when it was you that bought it to yourself. Always thinking on ways to improve your shopping experience, we opted for a new packaging model that is even better than the previous ones. Here are three reasons why you should include the new box in your next order:

Studio Session-065-3.jpg

1. quality

Our new boxes are already a gift itself, imagine with AMARO products inside! Made of a noble and resistant material, they can be easily be reused later. The exquisite internal pattern and the black ribbon make the packaging even more beautiful and chic.  

Our packaging have always been a highlight of our operation and praised by our clients. The idea was to update it, so it would get even better and sustainable without loosing the surprise effect. The transversal black ribbon, in addition to the new internal pattern and the texture on the logo are small details that make the project even more special!
— Juliana Boiger, Creative Supervisor and one of the responsible people for the boxes' remodelling

2. sustainability

With a FSC stamp, an international forest certification system that identifies the products whose raw materials originated from good management, the new packaging now have a symbolic price to the customer, in order to avoid waste. At checkout, choose if you would like to include a gift box (for an extra R$ 3) or if your purchase can go inside the normal ecological box.

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3. utility

The closure with separate lid and bottom makes it easy to use the box for other purposes. You can use it to organize clothes, accessories and small objects inside your closet, for example, or you can even use your creativity and customize it for your home decor.

In the implementation of new packages, there are always many teams involved working on a very creative and innovative symbiosis: design, logistics, marketing and even business intelligence. After the layout approval, we make several tests with sizes, color and ribbon styles. In addition, we have a partner that fractions the deliveries in a smart way, which guarantees a better stock control.
— Caspar Wolf, Head of Logistics and one of the responsible people for the boxes' remodelling

Loved the news? Vote for us! The new box is so amazing that it was already indicated for the Prêmio Abre da Embalagem Brasileira.

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