AMARO now offers bike delivery in São Paulo


Have you heard the latest news from AMARO? For customers living in São Paulo, we now offer a Bike Delivery option, in partnership with Brazilian startup Courrieros. Learn more about this innovative initiative:



At AMARO, news are constant - not only for products, but also in the implementation of new technologies and delivery methods. We are always working to provide the best experience, from the moment of purchase through the super-fast deliveries! That's why, today, we are announcing our newest express delivery method in São Paulo: Bike Delivery. That's exactly it, now your purchases can be delivered by bike, in the same speed (on the same day of order until 10pm*), for a lower price for you and the environment.

*valid for orders with payment approved until 7pm.

The partnership with AMARO is an extremely important step to the consolidation of our service to e-commerce platforms. We know the strength that the company has in the market and how much you expire innovation and efficiency. Working with you is an indicator that we represent the same values.
— Victor Castello Branco, founder at courrieros

The Bike Delivery option is a partnership between AMARO and the ecolivery startup, Courrieros, that have been doing bike deliveries across São Paulo for three years. The cyclists utilize special bikes, made to offer more convenience and security in the delivery process. Just like AMARO, Courrieros shares the passion for technology and calculates the routes using data intelligence for time optimization. The customers that choose Bike Delivery will also get notifications and be able to follow their orders in real time.

The best thing about my job? The possibility of going to a different place everyday! Also, not having a routine and not having to stay inside an office for eight hours, like in a normal job.
— Naiara Segatti, cyclist at courrieros

Victor Castello Branco, one of Courrieros founders, tells that the idea for the company came after the delay of a deliveryman (and him doing the delivery by bike himself), in addition to the willingness to start a business that had purpose and values he didn't find in the market. The cyclist, Naiara Segatti, also highlights how the job is also a way of uniting the useful to the pleasant. "I already pedaled every day, and being able to do it as my profession is amazing", highlights Naiara.

So, are you excited for trying our new delivery method? Choose the Bike Delivery option at check-out!