Black Friday at AMARO | How we prepare


Black Friday has already become one of the most important dates for the Brazilian retail market. Of North American origin, the day of discounts, which happens in the last Friday of November, is a great opportunity to knock off those slow selling products and kick start the holiday shopping season. Since it is a period of unusual traffic and sales, retailers need to take a series of actions and make strategies to adequately attend the customers. AMARO, as an omnichannel brand, needs to align not only its brick-and-mortar operations, but also its logistics, marketing and website management processes. Our CFO, Head of Logistics and Head of Performance Marketing, share some tips on how to get ready for a successful Black Friday. Check it out!   


1) What factors are key for a successful Black Friday, in terms of logistics?

An empowered and motivated team and well aligned shipping companies, in addition to internal Customer Service Center, IT, helpdesk and ERP support. 

2) What does the logistics department do to prepare for Black Friday?

We increase the team, optimize the structure, organization and improve automation. That is not to mention the planning with all the internal and external partners six months ahead, and the determination of shipping rules, schedules and purchase of necessary materials.

3) What were the strategies utilized to maintain the agility with the exponential increase of demand?

It is better to offer a delivery deadline that is fair, but not extremely long than (1) overloading operations with a short schedule and do not achieve the SLA or (2) stop the sales because of extremely long delivery times.



1) What are the key factors for a successful Black Friday?

During Black Friday, we impact thousands of new clients that access and purchase for the first time, thus it is very important to ensure a good experience for all. We involve all the departments, from the Engineering team and Performance Marketing, until the preparation of the Logistics team and Customer Service to absorb the rise of orders during this period.

We create a special programming for the website, where we have a 'Black Friday week'. The special prices start on Monday and keep going down until Friday, when discounts can get to 70%. In total, we will have 75% of the website with special prices. Since AMARO already has attractive prices during the year, we don't have that many sales, what makes the Black Friday week even more special for our customers.

2) What changes are made in the company in preparation for high demand periods such as Black Friday?

Each area prepares on a particular way, with specific tools. While the Engineering team counts on AWS (Amazon Web Services), the Performance Marketing team focus on Real Time Analytics, tools for midia automation and SEO, among others. Other fundamental part, is that we have to start working closer to our partners ahead of time so that they are also prepared for the Black Friday demand. We count on a series of external factors when it comes to delivery, thus we also get ready internally in advance in order to absorb the demand, by training the teams and working with extended schedules, among others. 

Since we know this is an intense week for eletronic commerce, we organize a series of activities to maintain the #AMAROteam cheered up and willing to work everyday. We have from decompression rooms, massage sessions and a special breakfast to a big celebration when the Black Friday week is over.