AMARO promotes pannel discussion about the use of data in the retail sector


Last Thursday (05/04), we gathered together professionals that work with Business Intelligence and Data Science for a meetup, a type of informal event made for networking purposes, at the AMARO Guide Shop Oscar Freire. The event also included a presentation from our CEO about AMARO's BI strategy, followed by a pannel discussion with our Business Intelligence Lead, Murilo Nigris, Igor Braga, partner at Big Data Brasil, Raul Magno, cofounder at and Dominique Oliver, AMARO's CEO and Founder. Take a look:


The big challenge with women’s fashion is that it changes so fast that, a lot of times, it is hard to have enough data and be able to make adjustments to the volume of products before trends change.

Our Founder & CEO, Dominique Oliver, kicked off the event with a presentation about AMARO, talking more about the company, our work culture and, mainly, about our strategy for data usage, which is applied to several areas within the company, from the communication with the client until the identification of trends and sales forecast. Dominique also highlighted the importance of utilizing data analysis in a company like AMARO, that launches 10.000 products every year, in a great variety of colors, styles and materials. Without the investment in Business Intelligence, it would be almost impossible to keep the control of sales, profitability, and trend forecast.

Curiosity is the right word. If you hire curious Data Scientists, you will be able to find a common point and be successful.
— Igor Braga, Partner at Big data brasil

For the pannel about data-driven fashion design, mediated by AMARO's Business Intelligence Lead, Murilo Nigris, the discussion was about the use of data in today's retail market and how data science professionals should prepare for the changes and new fields of activity that have been appearing at companies. One of the most important points, according to Igor Braga, Partner at Big Data Brasil, lies in aligning the project's objective with the goals, in order to achieve the company's desired goals. According to him, a lot of times, entrepreneurs are too skeptic when it comes to the application of data analysis in the projects and end up not giving the necessary attention for the project's success.

The reality is that many companies need to think about the business model and use of algorithms, but organization and data gathering comes first.
— Raul Magno, Cofounder at

When it comes to what is important for a professional that aims to professionalize in the area of data science, Raul Magno, cofounder at, mentioned the importance of understanding the business universe related to data analysis, which is a big differential, according to him. Raul adds the necessity of engagement among all levels of the company, the areas must talk among each other and professionals must be open to learn and understand more about other sectors. 

Listen to tips and other people’s experiences from the sector is extremely important, since BI is still a new area in the market. I didn’t know a lot about AMARO’s business and how you utilized data to solve problems, I thought that was quite interesting.
— Fernando Paiva - Data & Analytics Specialist, Fundação Lemann

After the pannel, invitees took advantage of the happy hour to make new contacts and discuss the themes that were approached. Many of them were surprised to learn that a fashion brand, such as AMARO, utilized so many data analysis resources like we do. Leandro Barreto, Head of Data Science and Business Intelligence at Evinobr, mentioned the importance of this experience exchange as a parameter for his own projects. We also talked to our CTO, Roberto Thiele, who added to the fact that AMARO is always looking for qualified professionals for the areas of data science and engineering by saying that we are searching for the best professionals in the market to join the brand's international expansion project. Would like to be part of the future of retail?

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