Learn more about the AMARO's Flex Benefits program


In 2017, AMARO implemented a new model of benefits distribution for the company's collaborators. Named "Flex Benefits", the new program allows more options to employees when choosing the benefits. Learn more about it below:


The AMARO collaborators that have access to the Flex Benefits are divided in three groups according with their department and position within the company. Each group has a determined value that can be divided among the available benefits according to individual necessities. Upon joining AMARO, during the onboarding week, the new collaborators choose, with the assistance of an online calculator developed specially for that, the values they would like to allocate to each benefit. The benefits included in the Flex Benefits are:

- porto seguro health insurance available in seven categories

- porto seguro dental plan, available in two categories

- use of the internal restaurant

- sodexo's meal ticket

- sodexo's food ticket

Among the benefits cited above, collaborators can choose the value they would like to add to each of them. It is possible to apply the whole amount available in only one of the benefits, thus being able to choose a more complete health insurance and have a lower meal ticket, for instance. For each of the chosen benefits, only a symbolic value is subtracted from the salary.

In addition to the flex benefits that are individually chosen by each collaborator, AMARO also offers some fixed benefits that are available to everyone. Among them:

- transportation vouchers

- discount in amaro products

- Gympass

- breakfast

- pharmacy agreement with Drogaria São Paulo

- scholarships and english classes

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