Five interesting facts to know about the #AMAROTeam


Extensive growth and cultural diversity are the main characteristics of our team. Check it out some interesting facts and learn more about us!





1. We are growing… really fast!

In less than two years, our staff grew 211%. This number corresponds to the employees hired between January 2016 and August 2017. Now you know why our Empower photos are always full of people!




2. We are young

The average age at our office is 29 years old, a very common characteristic between startups. At AMARO what matters is not your age, but your knowledge and maturity.


Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash /  RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash / RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist




3. we have Members from all over the country...

Among the five regions of Brazil, AMARO has representatives from four of them. The majority is from the Southeast, followed by the Northeast, South and Central West. Can you imagine how rich this blend of cultures is?





4. ...and also from all over the world

Diversity is even bigger when you think of our foreign team members. Germany, Colombia, Russia and Switzerland are just some of the countries of origin of our staff.


Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash /  Clay Banks

Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash / Clay Banks





5. we are girl power

More than half of our team consists of women (62%) and 66% of the management positions are occupied by them. That means that women empowerment is core to our brand and manifests both to our customers as to our employees.