Five outfit ideas for job interviews


After months of search, you finally get the call for an interview at your dream-company, and all you want is to cause the best impression possible, right?

With that in mind, we prepared a style guide with outfits that are stylish and, at the same time, very professional, to inspire you on your interview look. After all, a wrong choice might mean a bad distraction for a moment when your talent and intelligence must shine!

There is an outfit for every personal style and company type. By the way, here's tip number 1:

Never forget to make your research on the company culture and dress code, so you don't sin for the excess or lack, ok?


When in doubt, a black and white look is always elegant and easier to hit. A basic white buttom-down shirt is the perfect counterpoint to that stylish skirt and works well both with heels and flats, considering the formality of the interview. Ah, and don't forget that statement earring as the final touch.

For the creative companies it is possible to risk more on style! The tailored pantacourt is a great option for avoiding the traditional professional look and transition between formality and style. If the company's dress code goes more towards a corporative style, swap the off-shoulder top for a button-down shirt and a scarpin.

Same-tone looks are a hit. The trend is great for interviews, because it can be easily explored in more formal looks. A set of pants and blazer of the same color is modern and chic at the same time. Go for it!

Not really sure about the dress code and don't want to risk something too different? Go for the error-free tailor pants + blazer combo. Tip: choose a shirt with special details, such as embroideries, to add a touch of personality to the look without risking too much.

Is your style an important factor for the role you are applying to, or simply want an outfit to be remembered? Choose one head-turning piece and keep the rest simple and clean. In this case, our choice was the pair of ruffle pants. Stylish, elegant, and outstanding at the same time. You can be sure that you will be remembered...