Behind the scenes of the Floral Affair lingerie collection

Fashion Designer specialized in lingerie, Julie Szlak talks about the new collection's development process



After five months, split between trend research, theme definition and sketches of the collection's 83 styles, Julie Szlak, our fashion designer specialized in lingerie is very proud of the Floral Affair line, launched on the 18th of the month.

In a chat with the designer, we learned more about the creative process of the beautiful AMARO underwear, a category created in the end of 2016, thought for offering a complete line of products to our customers.

The collection is very pretty! It translates everything that I’ve seen and that I’ve always wanted to do, with a mix of various references.
— Julie Szlak

About the love for the intimates' universe

Graduated in Fashion Design at Santa Marcelina college, Julie sees herself working with intimates since her last year of college. Passionate about the empowerment lingeries can provide, she feels fulfilled for drawing and developing what she always looked for in the world of design. 

Development of Floral Affair

Everything started with an intense research at trend shows, fashion events, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, and a study of the items from past decades. After finding inspiration and defining the theme, it is time for hands and product development!

Julie brought a feminine touch for both moments of a classical woman, who looks for styles that leave her feeling sexy and empowered at the same time. The first, Vintage Romance, has a very 60's style, with daring shapes and lighter colors, in addition to transitioning from work to more casual events. Nocturnal Bond, on the other hand, is the mix of daring shapes and delicate laces for a sexier version.

Lingerie and it empowerment factor have a lot to do with my aesthetics ideal.
— Julie Szlak